Happy birthday to me

sorry i have not written for sometime...am just to lazy and most of the time i have been mobile..but i promiswe to post all my backlog of notes...Wish me Good Dancing as I proceed to Step in the name of Love....Am out to the Island oh.."let's go thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"



i don't particularly have anything to write but i just spent 200 naira on ticket so i get to write something.Am happy cos naija finally qualified for final in soccer..after a seriously dismal performance at the olympics..we really need this medals..by the time they finish sharing for everyone on the team..it will make up for the rest..tennis,athletics,field events and others.
I wonder how long we are goin to continue been plagued by our lack of preparation, improper funding and general demoralisation of everybody..Anyway,i have to go and lie down,i seem to have caught a severe bout of cold...due to windy weather and bad cologne in this cafe..al this yahoo dudes really need to ease up on this things...


Sigh of Relief

Finally,after all these stressful and gruelling months..i have finally finished my primary assignment..need I tell you how good I felt to finally be free!!!!phew...In a couple of days and posts i will be debriefing you about my experience as a corper in Awolowo's home town..you will think by that alone that I will have had a pleasant time in the place..IRO nla..For the first few days when I got there,the light barely came on so I felt it was just Nepa being themselves but after a couple of weeks i learnt how the timetable..One day in two weeks for you to charge your phones,iron your clothes,pump water if you are priviledged to have a pumping machine or finally finish that movie you have borrowed since d other two weeks ago..am sure there video clubs dont get angry for late return..Anyway lets just say i adapted fast..and made do with my candle and novels(Thank God am an avid reader)
By the way,this just happens to be my Birthday month and am thinkin of just the perfect new hair do and have got it..this week i just may be posting new looks of me..if God grants me the 3500 i need to waltz into "make me" for a make-over.
Will keep you posted for real..

N.B..What makes a man cry? And how can you stop a man who cries too much from doing so..how do you delicately say "you have to be a man" or "your tears don't move me"..I need frank advice soon cos am too rude a person to stand dis for long..