Back with a double dilemma

even though you have not asked I am hale and hearty and still searching for a guy that can bring my emotions under control...dats a roundabout way of saying I was alone on vals day..terrific..now i have nothing to write except to lament my single state...
The truth is i have met two terrific guys..One is yoruba and the other Edo..long nd short..they are different in evry way..
One cries the other doesnt and you know how much i hate tears in a man but he is so cute ..
One is my tender age and the other matured..and ladies you know the age mate boyfriend is never ready when you are to go to the next level..but the one my age is my tribe and that counts for a lot because my parents are tribalists and will not allow me to marry outside my tribe..
I call one silentnight and the other endurance(for what he suffered in the hands of his ex-gal)
Holla at me if you think i have just reason to be concerned about tribal differences..i have already lost husband-material cos he is igbo and when i mentioned it to my father jokingly he almost had a heart attack..