Jan 3rd, 2009

"Avoid your first accident, it may be your last" is a favorite quote of my dad when he started teaching me how to drive. I had been on the wheels since 2001 and managed to drive the express and conquer lagos hazardous driving but nothing prepared me for what happened to me on january 3rd 2009.. Maybe i have gone lax and overconfident,yeah i know have always had a problem slowing down,preferring to go fast where and when i could but this day i wasn't going fast because for some reason my alignment was off and my car had the shakes..Maybe if I had spent more than five minutes on my knees in church on new year eve i might have seen what would come alas i spent a few hours prior to 2009 hanging out with friends and downing regular shots of Amarula,..it was the increment in the intensity of the bangers that alerted us to the fact that the coming year was around the corner and off we dashed to make our last 10 minutes count..5 of which was spent asking for forgiveness for the revelry to come in the morning after...
Anyway, back to my gist, My friend just called me out of the blues that she was passing through my town and she had to see me..Dis is my home gal that i had not seen since we left school and i thot whao i gast to see this girl..so i abandoned my mother in the kitchen,ran to my room and threw my 'drop dead gorgeous' shirt on and of course tha accompanying blings (if only..) I grabbed my keys and barely spared a second to tell my mum where i was going..if i had taken a minute more maybe..Anyway i zoomed out and faced the express thinking to bypass the traffic in the metropolis..When i attained my gear five i realised the car was shaking,i managed to overtake the car in front of me and then controlled the car, i was paying attention to the road,oncoming traffic and getting back to gear four when the bike in front of me decided to turn around..in a blink of eye..G*B*A*M..
"Jesus" "Jesus" "Jesus" that was all i could scream out..i had hit him with the left side of my car and he went flying across the road,his bike scattered and he was lying down with his bleeding..the oncoming vehicle had to swerve to my side to avoid crushing him..i parked immediately and the other man got out of his vehicle too..in a jiffy they had gathered.passers by,commuters and other bike-men..i was scared i was going to be lynched..The first three things that came to my mind was:
1.My parents will never believe I wasn't speeding when it happened
2.Could i bear it if I had killed a man
3.Oh shit, a dent on my bonnet
They carried him to the side of my car and put him on the floor,i opened my front door and told them to put him in that i was going to take him to the hospital,but the man refused and told me to take him to A division that he is a police officer..in my mind i thought shit..now i have to call my big guns..but i thot let me get this guy to the hospital first..tat head was bleeding some.. On my drive to the hospital,i realised 3 things again
1.He was seriously drunk and trying to sleep,which could be a sign of concussion
2.My car is just slightly bruised and am not even shaking
3.He had no helmet on,if he had there would have been no injury..
All well and good,immediately i got to the hospital,he was taken to the emergency room and examined by the doctors,the first question they asked him was that "Were you wearing a helmet?" he said "no" they told me to get him a card and pay so so so amount..(my faaji money)and that i could go..i paid the bills but by then I had called my parents who then called my uncle from SSS to handle the situation since he said he was a police officer..to cut it short..when my uncle came i went home and the rest was hearsay..my uncle said after they stitched his head, he told him he was SSS and asked the bike man for his police I.D and what division he belonged to? No answer..When my uncle went to get a doctor's report saying he had no helmet on and was drunk when brought him, he went back to the emergency room but couldn't find the bike man again.
P.S- Be careful when driving this year. They will be riding anyhow trying to escape the F.R.S.C cos of the helmet law. Mine may have absconded, yours may become a liability to you...but you can bet am going a lot less faster than before.thank you for your concern..i wasn't mobbed and am happy i dint lose my bling..my mum won't let me touch her car though in the interim while mine is at the panel beaters,but i swear he didnt point or wave his hand,he just swerved...


New Year Shout out

Writer's block or should i say bloggers block..since i have nothing to write..yeah life has been that boring..i will say..
Abuja maiden
danny bagucci
parrot sef
Happy new year..Bawo ni everybody..sha'lafia le wa