Am soooooooooo H*o*r*n*y

i know its been a long time since i blogged but seriously i need help.
i know my mother did not raise me up to start acting like dis.
evrytime i walk past a fine dude.
i cant help but sigh.
i scope his torso and butt.
am a sucker for a tight bum anyday.
but what gives me concern is dat.
now i go as far as checking out d crotch size.
Am so horny nowadays i can't think straight.
Every romance novel i read leaves me hungry.
every love scene a lesson in wetness.
i just hope its a phase that passes.
because if i act on what my coochie is telling me.
am going to fuck myself blind.
my mother spent too long giving me talks.
and have kept myself for too long to sucumb.
but for now.
am dealing with my groin-searching eyes.
and spending more time in church.
saying dear Lord please wipe all fine boys.
from my vicinity and give my pussy the grace.
to know when to breathe.
and when to clench.