R.I.P 'Birthday Mate'

It was with dismay, that I woke up this morning to the passing on of a legend..King of PoP..Micheal 'Birthday Mate' Jackson..he was a controversial figure to say the least but his music was an inspiration and his dance steps a fashion trend..I daresay God is making some harsh judgements right now..but the guy for chill small make we go auto lounge together on our birthday...
In my own way..rest easy black n white..I will pop a bottle of champagne for you on august 29 and maybe moonwalk a little to commemorate a day we shared but never shared..


The CHRONICLES of The Adventures of the THREE chic-ateers

Today been the last day in the month of May..for no reason I decided to have fun..
D month has really been hectic and it wasn't easy at all..I was at our country home and a couple of my friends were at home too..meet PINKY and DREADY(yeah dats wat dey really are)..one has ultra pink lips and d other has locks even I can't seem to decipher whether she was born with it or got it..whichever it really fits her..
PINKY's dad was doing his birthday/retirement party and i drove down with DREADY to there own country side..it was fun cos DREADY was fighting with her bobo and she kept on urging me to overtake him but I didnt keeping in mind "Jan3rd"..
D party was cool right, but my gist starts from after..we left PINKY.
I and DREADY decided to hang out at a popular hotel close to home..we got there..had to escape the catcalls of some irritating caucasians and then endure the sight of some chunky human specimen waddling in the pool just to chill at the poolside..
There were three chics dere who caught my interest..One was in the pool without a proper bikini which my friend commented on..i laughed but not loudly cos it was kinda obvious and I didnt want to look like a snob..Another one was downing a bottle of Udeme. Green toe paints that matched nothing on her.The third was wearing an evening gown and had a black eye..yes.. a black eye..my friend was shocked..
Obviously, it was time to leave before we get mistaken for their class..bone snobbery..am not hanging like dat..unfortunately, green paint and evening gown had gotten ahead of us..
As i drove out of the premises, they both raised their hands soliciting for a ride,i braked sharply and reversed..DREADY was like "are u mad?"I said "babe,I wan know wetin bash dat gal for eye"..
Gbam Gbam, they entered the back.. gosh d smell was horrible, I couldn't even begin a conversation..I increased the music and told them where i was going to drop them...
DREADY asked my why again..and dat was when it happened..Evening gown squeezed into the middle and asked my friend why she didnt want me to drop them at home and she caressed DREADY's arm..DREADY shook her hand off and it landed on my mine.my esteemed right hand..i almost lost my grip on the steering..
I was repulsed..that over bleached hand on mine..i shook it off too and accelerated..she and green paint passed a look that I saw in the mirror..i screeched to a stop..
PLease get down, am not taking you further than this..Green paint got down, but Evening gown lingered..she looked me in the eye and said.."Aren't you going to take my number"..I cringed.
DREADY immediately started swearing which was unlike her..i turned around and drove home..i couldn't get into the shower fast enough..for the first time i shared a shower with my friend cos nobody could wait for the other..i had broken out in goose bumps..i was repulsed..i scrubbed my arm raw..when i was thru i went to PINKY's house and related the story to her..she listened quietly and at the end shouted..
Aah, E gbe ASHEWO..(trans: you carried prostitutes).

Was she just trying to roll with us?
Did she think we were lesbians?
Or was she just been friendly?
And what is the world turning too?