Life is not so sweet oh

Have been away for sometime now..handling my business and getting ripped off..first a student dies in an accident after an outing,and the wonderfully irrational indigenes felt we(corpers and teachers) were the murderers and came after the school in a rampage..the aftermath been that i had to run like i had not in a long time, and eventually when that didnt work out; i had to hide in a bush..i think a snake came down on me so i had to run out and keep running again.. I lost my Nokia E61 and had to pay 5000 to get that and my sim back..and to think that i thought i was going to finish NySc without any spectacular event..I know this all sounds colourful but believe me it was that bad..they had all sort of jazzy phizzle..the emphasis been on the jazz(if you know what I mean).
After that comes the Teacher's strike which made me seriously 'idle' but fortunately for me i stumbled artfully into a movie outing and a visit to Taqwa Bay..least to say i had a little fun out of the whole strike and at least i could wake up whenever i wanted..no Assembly,moral talk, floggin my students..my arms and limbs have had a well deserved rest..
The downside of it all is that am absolutely and unequivocally (permit the big grammar) B*R*O*K*E..the type with the Big Letters..since school is on strike,no visible help from there and did i mention that I no longer worry my parents for anything apart from transport and feeding and dressing and pin money and church money..lol..just kidding but i had to make do cos I spent the money I had on an outfit for a party i didnt end up attending (cos it be small boys party..mo de ti n pe nle) and believe me i have no one to blame but my greedy self..living above my means..I mean am just a teacher for Christ's sake.
Anyway in case you have not been to the movies to see PROM NIGHT then you don't know what you are missing and I suggest you find yourself a way to get there and see it..not every movie comes out looking nice in all those pirated 7 or 22 in 1 dvds' peeps are fond of buying..why don't you treat yourself and feel the beauty of the movie with the ambience and all the sound effects..(yeah, I know I sound like a bad advertorial

I got a text message from my childhood boyfriend..I quote:
'Imitation is limitation.Procastination is the fertilizer that makes difficulties grow.
Living a double life will get you nowhere twice as fast.Adversity has its advantages.
Know your limits,then ignore them.The only place to start is where you are.
There is no future in the past.Do what people say cant be done.'
Is he trying to pass a message..say for instance; am I procastinating to get back with him or marry him..cos I can recall certain proposals..Am I living a double life? dating someone else while am with him,but I guess the point is there is no future in the past so I have to face the present. Or was he just trying to inspire me? I don't think so..For some reason he spent 10# getting that to me.Couldnt he just have said ''Hi, S'alafia lo wa''?
Dear friends and accquintance,if you know or hear of any place,company,organisation or bank where they are taking C.V's from fresh graduates or graduates at all..please contact me cos Am seriously looking for a job anywhere..obviously am cut out for any kind of hustling..if I wasn't am sure I will be so broke cos I won't approach it with the same aggresion that I do for everything..anyways just to let people know I am Hunting.I must just draw the line at any kind of sales job,sourcing for funds kind of job(unless the fund is for I),I am not a sycophant and i do not want to wheedle or beg for any favours..i prefer to make my own way..hmmm.
As if it's not bad enough that am searching for a job..am now searching for 'him'..my father is always listening to me attentively and eagerly waiting for me to drop hints about a boyfriend or a fiance..its not like am not eager but for the fact that i really don't want to hear the words ; committment...engagement..affianced..marriage..wedlock..matrimony(whether holy or unholy); permit me to say there is nothing i enjoy more than a wedding ceremony except of course a birthday party..but am still cool with been the bridesmaid - all the grooms men are eyeing..by the time i become the bride..no one go eye me oh..and dat situation go harsh wella. Moreso, when the criteria for even getting a man is so high..is it the Genotype matter? AS or SS or AA..i just happen to be ''ZZ''..How are you to know if he is HIV free(not dat am discriminating)but if you don't have it;its better to stay that way..what of the tribal issue..i won't mention what my family will not accept but it really limits my search horizon..Everyone expects me to bring back something from NYSC..is it my fault the corpers there have names i can't even pronounce..gbamgbumgbum and all sorts of names..anyway there is even no man out there to match my high standards..but am still looking anyway(Ugly Guys need not APPLY)..Application closes in the next one year..Thanks.
P.S :-To my B*eautiful, B*uxom, C*harismatic , C*urvy, G*enerous, God*-fearing, H*omely, I*ntelligent, L*ovely, M*otherly, S*exy and ''H*A*P*P*I*L*Y '' Married Cousin ''Seyi Dairo'' oops Jolayemi...Its' high time you bring that Opon back home because we are missing you and i need you to come and help me find ''Him''.Ay, b4 you start to vex i remember you too oh..Bros ii eeee..na so you carry Seyi go..hmmm..odabooo.