Dear friends and accquintance,if you know or hear of any place,company,organisation or bank where they are taking C.V's from fresh graduates or graduates at all..please contact me cos Am seriously looking for a job anywhere..obviously am cut out for any kind of hustling..if I wasn't am sure I will be so broke cos I won't approach it with the same aggresion that I do for everything..anyways just to let people know I am Hunting.I must just draw the line at any kind of sales job,sourcing for funds kind of job(unless the fund is for I),I am not a sycophant and i do not want to wheedle or beg for any favours..i prefer to make my own way..hmmm.
As if it's not bad enough that am searching for a job..am now searching for 'him'..my father is always listening to me attentively and eagerly waiting for me to drop hints about a boyfriend or a fiance..its not like am not eager but for the fact that i really don't want to hear the words ; committment...engagement..affianced..marriage..wedlock..matrimony(whether holy or unholy); permit me to say there is nothing i enjoy more than a wedding ceremony except of course a birthday party..but am still cool with been the bridesmaid - all the grooms men are eyeing..by the time i become the bride..no one go eye me oh..and dat situation go harsh wella. Moreso, when the criteria for even getting a man is so high..is it the Genotype matter? AS or SS or AA..i just happen to be ''ZZ''..How are you to know if he is HIV free(not dat am discriminating)but if you don't have it;its better to stay that way..what of the tribal issue..i won't mention what my family will not accept but it really limits my search horizon..Everyone expects me to bring back something from NYSC..is it my fault the corpers there have names i can't even pronounce..gbamgbumgbum and all sorts of names..anyway there is even no man out there to match my high standards..but am still looking anyway(Ugly Guys need not APPLY)..Application closes in the next one year..Thanks.
P.S :-To my B*eautiful, B*uxom, C*harismatic , C*urvy, G*enerous, God*-fearing, H*omely, I*ntelligent, L*ovely, M*otherly, S*exy and ''H*A*P*P*I*L*Y '' Married Cousin ''Seyi Dairo'' oops Jolayemi...Its' high time you bring that Opon back home because we are missing you and i need you to come and help me find ''Him''.Ay, b4 you start to vex i remember you too oh..Bros ii eeee..na so you carry Seyi go..hmmm..odabooo.

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