Wifey to Be

There is something giving me a lot of concern...A lot of things do, but this matter is special..Ever since i passed a certain age into adolescence, i have come to realise i do not like domestic chores. At first, it wasnt so obvious because we had someone living with us who was doing most of the chores and then i had four almost unruly brothers whom my mother saw it fit to give some of the chores to. So most of my growing years saw me been nonchalant. Am sure you are wondering where I am going to with all this bladderdash..Well here it is..Am of a marriageable age,as a matter of fact am giving myself two or three years to put things in place and of course find the right man or vice versa and am good to go. How do i get over the fact that every time my parents have the opening they lament about my lack of domestication.. Is it my fault i ll rather be on my pc or watching or reading..is it my fault am rarely hungry..is it my fault that i do not like eating some specific food much..say Amala,Semovita...these meals preclude a lot of stress,time and sweating and have come to realise by the time you have finished cooking them you have lost your own appetite..The only meal i do not mind exerting myself over is POUNDED YAM. I absolutely love that food and i could take it every goddamn day of the week.Everyone in my house shares a passion for the food and its the one meal where we can all come and put our hands together to prepare. Back to my musing, whats going to happen really in these next few years when i take the huge leap..am i suddenly going to find myself domesticated or is my husband going to cover up for me but producing a helpmate...I want to believe that when its time i will definitely come around and as it is i can't allow my own personal enviroment to go to pieces..And i can't have my man looking at me like a S**B.. That been said i think i need to make an effort to clear around now..psheew..


musco said...

there comes a time in our lives when we all have to grow up & become responsible individuals.

wendie said...

my own time has come

doll said...

my dear, am so with you. I hate house chores. I can cook cuz i had no option but when am home alone i just skip meals. I guess God will help us cross that bridge when we get there