Still H*O*R*N*Y

In d present condition i am.
i couldn't help but scroll through my phone book.
thinking of who could be my booty call if things got too bad.
and then i remembered.
oh my weepy baby.
from when i met him some years ago.
the only problem i had with him was the fact that he could outcry me.
d first day we met: he cried
d first day we kissed:he wailed
d first day he climaxed:he sobbed
any thing apart from that he had my pass mark.


The location is just convenient.

as he stays in my neighborhood.
its not as if he is charismatic.
or that i can take him home.
but he could suck a storm up.
and after i had tutored him.
he doesn't kiss so much with his saliva.
i knew if it got too bad, i could always count on him.
to give me anyway i wanted.
cos he has a listening ear.
and a fondness for doing it the way i wanted.


So i picked my phone.

fortunately his numbers were still there.
i mashed the green button down.
and it almost became a video call.
i cautioned my voice.
you must not sound horny.
hello. he said.
and this judas down there.
went into over drive.
i mean gear1 straight to 5.
hi. nee.
how are you doing?
i said.
Oh baby. he replied.
have been good.
but you were wrong not to call me back.



I remembered d last time i called.

i hid my number.
he said he was in church(my weepy brother in the lord)
but i didn't call him back cos i didn't feel horny.


Jo ma binu. i said.

but you sef no try.y do u always lose my number.
bla bla bla bla..his usual pathetic story.
while my credit burnt away.
long and short.


So when next are you going to be around.i asked.

I will check you up tomorrow.
and my judas screamed for joy.
i wonder if getting a head is not going to ruin my celibacy.
I should be able to give him one too.
but then he went into a realm i dint expect.
Parrot, u know i love you.







Even judas kept quiet.

cos it knows i don't like the "L" word.
Lust i can take.
but Love,most definitely not.


Hello hello.

look nee. call me back later.
something just came up.
i couldn't get off the phone fast enough.


P.S- was that too long?

P.S.S- malaria actually doesn't erase lust.

P.S.S.S- and Happy easter gone.