I totally forgot i had a blog..myyyy..aaw sorry blog n blogville..You would think having a consistent and up-in-your-face internet service will remind me of the joys of posting* and reading comments from other users of blogville.
My fellow blog-villains.. How is it going?
please holla at me to let me know if you have forgotten me(lol).

Thank you doll for checking up on me..na acada...i have totally marshed line. From B.A English to Business and Management, i have overstepped my boundary.

Musco its time to come back....


chayoma said...

Goodluck oh!

Take am easy.
i am waiting for correct post/update oh!

musco said...

quite surprised u re back!

dn't 4 gt we re in d same shoes.bn wondering why I nvr thot of doing a Masters in English aftr d B.A. ....

waiting 4 an update on se... sorry escapades!