10 Ys'

10 Whys'

Why is it easier to scratch mtn's 400 and 750 naira recharge cards while the 200 naira for poor people like me gets mangled if you so much as scratch it with a fingernail?

Why must dreadlocked people sit beside you and try their best to get their filthy heads close to yours?

Why have guys forsaken good old romance and try to skip straight from meeting you to banging you?

Why do ladies like embracing stupid fashion trends-talk about the latest close cut weave on style with something in the side of your head in a different colour that looks like a flower sprouting and the high waist jeans that is obviously not for everyone?

Why does Obama look even more handsome now that he is the President- Elect of the United States of America?

Why are some Nigerians acting like they have something to do with his been elected and that means automatic admission into the states for Africans?

Why oh why am I scared of sex?

Why do i think of hellfire and the life after in the night?

Why do i resolve to be a better person in the night, to watch my language and yet wake up cursing whatever woke me up?

Why the hell do people act so pious in church when we know where and what some are up to after church?


mizchif said...

I totally agree with the dreadlocked ppl. For some reason i always imagine that they carry huge colonies in those dreads. I avoid them like the plague.
As for ur recharge cards..sry oh!
Then meeting and banging...hmmm, i think some don't even try to meet u any more they just see and expect the shagging to commence. SAD!

musco said...

ayekooto,abeg take am easy o.

there are more questions to be asked!

thot we had a deal on ....?

Parakeet said...

Whys never cease I guess. Happy new year darling. May it be a year of prosperity for you.

Parrot said...

@parakeet- ose gan ni..happy nu year oh
@musco yes we do and lets get it banging
@mizchif-thanking you for affirming what i thought only me had noticed..