Sunday was my niece's one year old birthday,which was just convienent cos i was on my last thousand bucks and in my house,you can't run errands without making something of em. So you can be sure i was glad to haul my ass down to my brother's crib in Lagos. The only problem i had was that no matter what you do,you cannot escape those mosquitoes. They seem to be everywhere.Not that am living in a slum,as a matter of fact,the area is respectably upscale,no bush or dump around,which makes me wonder where the mosquitoes reside.
Back to my gist,the party wasn't even supposed to happen;it was meant to be a parlour thing.Trust my sister-in-law to call up her friends,my brother called his AND i called mine.Unfortunately,most of my friend were regrettably out of Lagos,but the least one i expected to be in Lagos was fortunately around and she more than made up for the absence of others(Thanks Kenny for coming)Kenny is my awesome,attractive and caring female friend.
Anyway,the party turned out to be a gathering of old friends and new friends and i had some serious fun:there was enough chops and "Booze",which was essential of course.I of course missed my dear friend "Black Buck" who is fortunately for him and unfortunately for me: out of the country...Will talk more about him sometimes but LANRE in case you read this,i miss you so much..this post is for you cos i want you to know how the party went.There was a whole lot of Man utd n chelsea talk and am sure you would have enjoyed it.


musco said...

Na wa o!nice to know people like us cldn't be invited to d party.thot u said u were going to holla me.

nice to know u had good company(kenny).

wendie said...

sorry about not replying my comments musco.i dint know it was obligatory