aptly titled "welcome" my first note will be..y? If nobody greets me, i go greet maself..simple..dis may be the only time i will make reference to this but don't ever ask me what i do for the next few months..right now thats the most irritable question i think i can get from anyone..

Forgive my lack of punctuation,i may have read English while in School bt e no get effect on the way i right or talk sef..a friend who read classics actually took me to task(am i right) about the way i pronounced "grouch" this morning..since i couldnt rewind and listen to myself,i wondered if i had pronounced my ch as shh..i guess she was just feeling groushy..

What do i talk about on this my first post? do you see me in my picture gazing out of a Brt bus..yeah..i ll talk about that..the Brt may not be filled with as much drama as your standard MOLUE bus..hold up i need to catch a bite..yeah yum..i luv bugon..
i had just gotten into Lagos from my place of primary posting of how do they say it..and i was heading to my brother's-wife's-mum's place(you get the gist)in Surulere..touching down at Ojota on my flight NDDC..i thot it was just a simple matter of hopping on Ojuelegba bus and dropping and den anoda bus to aguda..To my surprise..for the first time,the road was traffic free..i could only see private vehicles..wat a joyful sight..
my joy was dimmed when i realise how far i had to walk to the nearest bus stop..in my ignorance,i joined the queue thinking i was going to get my ticket at the mouth of the bus like they do in Ghana(have only been dere once).to my surprise i was bounced to the end of the queue and i had to start all over again after purchasing a 50naira ticket to fadeyi..dats where 50 naira expires,whereas the normal yellow bus takes me to ojuelegba with the same 50naira..dat was my second problem..the third was realising that a lot of people were standing on the queue because they did not want to stand on the bus..
Knowing Lagos,i wasnt surprised to see another queue had formed for those who were willing to stand..i joined them..my oh my..was it a bumpy ride..yes it was..within a minute of taking offf,i was grappling with the hand hokks and flaying all over..if not for the handsome young man behind me(dnt think it was bcos of him,i was flaying al over)nope..it wasnt all because of him..lol.
Anyway,let me mention the good part,you get to listen to 2face or 9ice,as the driver prefers,and of course the seats are not yet torn..the bells are still in good working condition..you get dropped at your own right bus stop..and have not been mugged neither is there any risk of one-chance..so for now ,i stick to the BRT and hope they do something about the queues that form at the tiny bus stops..especially at ketu..you need to see bankers getting drenched in the morning when it is raining..
anyway let me sign up by saying am glad i created a blog at this point when am extremely bored and sorely undertasked..i can say i was inspired when i saw TRUE LOVE magazine's interview of some female bloggers..most striking to me is BIMBYLAD..keep it up gal and me dey feel u oh..holla
cheers and steer clear of what you won't gain from


musco said...


really hilarious for a first post but be warned this cld be very addictive!

still finding it so difficult to believe u cld write.fine,u were crazy while we were in skl but this ...

wendie said...

c'mon..crazy dint mean i wasnt intelligent...