Me and Dem

Am not a particularly romantic person, so am always impressed with myself when I manage to do something that actually passes for romantic or sexy. My friends can vouch for that. I am a grouch when it comes to love n stuff and am not particular comfortable with romantic gestures or emotional thingys..I prefer straightforward, lets get down to business and what exactly are we doing kind of approach to relationship. My only actual problem is that I succumb easily to good music, I don't mean the hip hop, rap or reggae genre..i mean slow-love songs. Whenever I hear one, I always feel like "having someone" and I am saying that in the most christian sense.
Back to my point, truly opposites attract abi what did I do to attract the exact type of men, I will rather avoid? The weepy, clingy and possesive type. Personally, I don't mind if my man does not call me more than once a day-if he is away or we are not together..and a 2-3min call should do, but I had to get the one who can talk for over 2 hours..without even taking a sip of water. Opinionated people generally have a lot to say..A hug or two is ok (if we haven't seen in days) but when it becomes protracted especially in a public place, I take it that it means am really looking good and people are eyeing me and wondering what am doing with you..but clinging shows you probably have low confidence and you are thinking she just might leave if you don't latch on..
A dear N unsuccessful toaster once asked me if I could kiss my boyfriend in public..I said yes..infact I have been known to give a peck or two but only if it came with the flow or if I was in the mood..but if it not...nope..some guys ask for a kiss in public..kilode..did they just notice you had lips or your lip gloss may be strawberry flavoured..I know some ladies may not agree with me on this point but personally I dislike public show of affection..i don't do it and i don't like to see it..it makes think the girl is feeling insecure or handing out hands-off warnings to other ladies around..it can be an ugly thing..
And the weepy oh the weepy..who brought that calamity upon me?..me, myself and I..my snappy, unloving, uncaring, unromantic self..everything makes him cry..Maybe its a medical defect..maybe i should refer his case to GREY'S ANATOMY. I don't want to dwell on this cos it makes me "eew".. On a cheerful note, I came across this joke and thought to share oh..i stored it somewhere but I can't seem to find it..O dabo..
N:B- please note that all these are my own personal opinions and preferences..if u no c am dat wa, na ur own b dat..


Buttercup said...


me, i love PDA o! its such a shame i havent been opportuned to do that in a hot minute!

Parrot said...

@buttercup-I didnt get that PDA* at first and you don't have to sound so gleeful about it..And how come you haven't been opportuned to do it in a hot moment..even i have the opportunity..just that i chose not to take it