Dexter* the Emperor Musabo of Qua'anpan(pronounced Kwanpan); where he is doing his Service is 5feet sumtin tall and I met him on my way back to Lagos from Akure. His most prominent feature is perhaps his afro and then of course his brash personality.He is fun to be around and has a bottomless well of humor. Another feature I can't seem to get past is his Lower lip(Think Angelina jolie's but a bit plumper):not that have sampled it ohhhhhh..Anyways, we spent two days or so together at my cousin's home..He is my cousin's friend...Been with Dexter is just like been in "a nite of thousand laughs": Fun all the way..the first day, it was as if I had met him since 24yrs ago.We talked and talked and talked and it was awesome..That night when I went to bed(Yes i did & alone),I began to feel the first stirrings of attraction.It has really been a long while since I particularly felt close or chatty with anyone.The guys have being meeting are either boring, irritating or compulsively attentive. Dexter is none of the above. When he first entered the car, he had a bottle of Eva filled with an odd concotion and he claimed it was sepe, opa eyin and all those other things;I later discovered that it was Two bottles of Malta Guiness and a bottle of coke and fanta. In my mind, I thought what a nincompoop..Now that nincompoop, is a friend who is sensitive, touchy and heartwarmingly charming..I knew he was supposed to leave after a night but he stayed for another day..today he has had his bath and was on his way out of the door, when I told him I was going to miss him and if he stayed another day I will dedicate a page to him on my blog..well he is behind me now trying to read my blog now. Anyway, you never know where you can make a good friend so always give everyone a chance to be themselves or express themselves..I have been extremely nasty and rude in the past but I have come to realise that for me to have friends who still care about me despite all my shortcomings;I also deserve to give people a chance to be themselves and you never know what personality you might like..forget all those sanguine personlity and things.
Dexter*-not real name.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Dexter...nice choice of names.... mehn na wa o...first time here sha...def not ma last

wendie said...

he calls himself dexter..though there is nothing dexterous about him..

Buttercup said...

eeya! so whats the deal with dexter now??

i feel u on the last bit of the post, its not that i've been nasty or whatever, more like aloof n cold(is that being nasty??) i hardly give people chances..

Parrot said...

@buttercup-no deal with Dexter*,he is poor at kiping in touch..and givin people a chance is highly overrated.