Naija Muziqcians

Am not too much a big fan of music,but since i love to dance and am a good dancer at that{check me out this friday} :its always important for me to keep abreast of the music industry. Recently, I have actually been buying instead of pilfering other people's cd's...and I just want to mention a few here..These are albums released in the past one year..new names and old ones..groups and solos...

STYL PLUS- someone told me their new album wasn't worth it, but I always like to have my own opinion so I got my copy yesterday and endeavoured to listen to it..I have not stopped since then..Apart from my HUSTLE DVD..thats my best buy this week..I have a bad habit of picking a favourite song and actually neglecting the ones after it..so I have only actually stopped at track 6.. 'Four years', 'if you go', 'Mi o ba e sere mo' and 'I no wan trouble' are nice but my best is still 'Beautiful ladies'..The album may not be as catchy as the last one but it is cool for the suave.

ROOFTOPMCs-not my best of naija duos but "SILENCE" is just my flavour..."razz"..Lagi mo feat Cobhams is good music to my ear and I honestly must say Cobhams eyes would just have been an accessory..he is awesome.Which brings me to "Miss Jailer"

ASA- nobody needs to tell you she is doing well..I don't know which got more popularity between her album and Alapomeji's..but I must commend her for packing an album full of tight music..she doesnt just entertain like most of our so called musicians..ASA MAKES GOOD MUSIC...settled in France, she seems to me more like an International star with Nigerian roots and she needs no cannabis to give me the crazy look I love..All her tracks are engraved in my skull but "AWE" is just my best..360 and Subway also great for me..My brother is still single oh incase..

9ice- I am going for a "night with 9ice" even if I am grounded for a year..thats to show what is reigning..Since he has gone and married..I won't want to wax sentimental but what he lacks in look to me he makes for in local n razzy..I have a friend who can't function without listening to 9ice first thing in the morning..just as coffee is to some so is 9ice to Kemizole...

LARA GEORGE- I actually bought this album thinking she was the one that did "Heritage" but the album grew on me after some repeated playing (to justify my 150)..my best track is "Forever in my heart" remix ft Cobhams Asuquo...and that song does get to me..The other songs are just there..

IKECHUKWU-Is he still with Storms Record or is he now with Mo Hits cos their parole have really entered each other..he shows up in their videos(and almost every other artist's)..wine am well is ok(and dat lady did whine oh)..he is not exactly the best rap artist but his rhymes are ok even though his lyrics are not dat deep..just peripheral and its all about the kokolets..his videos though are becoming more of a Mo Hits affair and am not very comfortable with that.

NAETO C-What is his P? I don't know what the fuss is about him but he doesn't really click with me..By the way is he Ikechukwu's brother? They share the same head structure.

BANKY W- of the Wellington boots..y didn't they let him sing Ebutte Metta at this day festival,maybe Rhianna would have acknowles82ldged his remix..The whole album doesn't really appeal to me and seems to me he may be trying to lean on the fineboy singing R n B thingy(he reminds me of Craig David,who is much better though) and that is cliche..

N:B- On a totally unrelated note,am I the only one who has noticed the heartfelt look of love on Peter or is it Paul's face in The Video"Ifunanya"..the one with the white durag on that was twisting with the girl..I heard one of them is dating the girl..i dont know whether its true oh but with their cute faces, Physique and wallet I wish it was me.To Be Continued**********


Anonymous said...

*clears throat*

correct...correct...nice wan here...I've read jus one post n am already loving it here...

doll said...

Really am in luv with Naeto C o! his album is on fire, all d tracks, that’s all I play in my car dese days, Why are u uncomfy with Mo hits in Ikechukwu’s video, they are friends now. Besides Naeto C and Ike are not brovas just childhood friends. That said I don’t feel the stylplus album, not even the 4 years and I loved the all the tracks on roof top Mcs album, am indifferent about 9iice, neither hot nor cold, and I luv Asa she will go far

Buttercup said...

im really feelin the naija musin industry now! n im so happy other african countries r feelin it too, its kinda uplifitin..lol..

im also confused bout who ikechukwu is with now!

how u doin??

Parrot said...

@doll..which kain friends are they?normally u would have seen sasha and other storm people in the video but it wasnt so nah..

@buttercup..am alright..just chilling and sleeping truth be told..am thinking of singing too

Parrot said...

@chari..thanks your blog is all that too