Three Things I saw Today

1. A young man walking in front of me on the overhead bridge, was wearing a white t-shirt, jean and slippers..you will ask whats special but under the white t-shirt was a white-turned-brown-singlet that was showing under..he was sagging his jeans so i could see his black boxer and he had no belt on the equally dirty jean, so he was busy trying to grab his crotch from the front to keep the jean on..while also walking in a swagger meant to impress..and I pondered to myself..what's all the sagging craze about?..its an act of irresponsibility..what if its a girl's pant showing that way..they will call her a bitch won't they?Why should a man's singlet and boxers(in essence,underwear) be showing under his ohter clothings and to think that's what three-quarter of our men think is fashion now..

2.On my way to magodo, a lady of my age drove past me, she had dreadlocks..the small ones i once had before, she actually looked like me and for once i saw someone who had a little bit of resemblance to me..by the time I got to magodo, she drove past me again...you will be thinking what's the moral of the story.."She was Driving a Hummer Jeep!!!"..lol..Maybe thats why I saw a resemblance.

3.Well the day is not over yet.......................

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